Baroness Iseulte of the Red Cliffs
Baron Wolfgang Moennich von Luppin

Greetings from Their Excellencies

To all those who receive these words, greetings from Wolfgang and Iseulte, Baron and Baroness of the fair Barony of Caer Mear in the Kingdom of Atlantia. Well met!

Welcome to our home. The Barony of Caer Mear, in existence since 1978, is proud to boast its lineage as the second oldest Barony in the Kingdom of Atlantia. Our borders lie just east of Charlottesville, to the West of Williamsburg, and just south of Fredericksburg, encompassing all of Richmond and its surrounding counties. We enjoy one of the most central locations in the Kingdom.

For those new to our lands and our Society, we welcome you wholeheartedly and hope that you will find your stay with us comfortable and engaging. There a number of opportunities to participate in martial activities, learn a new skill, dance, feast at our tables, and take part in everything the Society has to offer.

We would love to see you at any of our meetings, gatherings and events. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Wolfgang & Iseulte Baron & Baroness of Caer Mear

Baronial Progress

Attending Date Event
Both May 7, 2016 Spring Crown 2016
Both May 27- 305, 2016 Ruby Joust

Baronial Preferences

Fish belong in the sea, not on a plate.

Baron Baroness
No chocolate please, he suffers from an allergy to it. Do not sully chocolate with other ingredients.
No peppers of any kind. they disagree with his digestion. Does not care for tomatoes, or fish.
Favorite beverages are coffee, Sprite, Coke, and Capt. Morgans. Favorite beverages are water, Diet Coke, lemonade, Lambic and wine.
Good snack choices are meat, cheese, BACON, bread, nuts, and BACON. Good snack choices are meat, cheese, BACON, bread, nuts (no peanuts, please), BACON, fruit, veggies & hummus.