Baron and Baroness
Baroness Magda z Stalburg and Baron Tojenareum Grenville of Devon

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Maggie Allen-Pruett and David Warren

Baroness Magda z Stalburg
Baron Tojenareum Grenville of Devon

Greetings from Their Excellencies

Unto the Beloved Populace of the Great Barony of Caer Mear, Greetings! First let us say that it is and honor and a privilege to be your new Baronage. We promise to try our best to lead the Barony with courtesy, compassion, wisdom and honor. Many thanks for the warm welcome at Ruby Joust/ Swim Meet. Our Barony lead the Kingdom through a successful, but damp, event that showed how well we worked together. Lady Olivia did a wonderful job autocrafting a difficult event.

We are also pleased with the excellent Newcomer Midsummer Faire. Baroness Ginevra and her staff did a lovely job of hosting an event the brought us gentles both old and new to experience our hospitality and enjoy our pursuits.

We are blessed with splendid Baronial Officers and welcome out new Seneschal Lord Vytautas Vilkas.

Please come to our Barony meetings to find out what is going on and find a place where you can help. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our Society.

We are looking forward to Pennsic and will enjoy the company of those of our Barony that are able to attend. For those of you that need to stay and protect our Barony, thank you and we hope that you will be with us in the future.

We would ask a boon of our wonderful people. Please let us know of the good works done by others. Please let us know of gentles who deserve recognition: wonderful artisans, valorous fighters and those who serve. We all need to celebrate the worthiness of our populace. Also we are here to serve you. Please share our concerns.

We are looking forward to the future with you, our beloved Barony. Tojenareum and Magda Baron & Baroness of Caer Mear

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