Baron and Baroness
Baroness Áine Ruadh Inghean Néill and Baron Aedan Aylwyn

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Baroness Áine Ruadh Inghean Néill
Baron Aedan Aylwyn

Greetings from Their Excellencies

Greetings from their new Caer Mear Excellencies To the auspicious populace of the great Barony of Caer Mear come greetings from your new Baroness and Baron, Aine and Aedan.

We both are very honored that you have put your faith in us to represent this fine group of gentles. We pledge to do our utmost in representing Caer Mear, leading with courtesy, grace, humor, and above all, honor. While things have been virtual for more than a year now, the SCA is starting to prepare for in person events again, starting with the small and simple and going from there. In the meantime, we have a lively weekly A&S (social, really) event every Tuesday evening as well as our monthly business meetings. Please stay in touch via this web site, the Caer Mear and other Facebook groups, email, and other means. We would like to thank all of our officers for doing a wonderful job in keeping the business of the Barony running smoothly. Until we can again greet everyone in person, we hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Do not hesitate to reach out to either of us with any questions or concerns.

Yours in joyful service,
Áine Ruadh Inghean Néill and Aedan Aylwyn
Baroness and Baron Barony of Caer Mear, Atlantia

Baronial Progress

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Baronial Preferences

Their Excellencies try to be low maintenance, and are appreciative of any effort put forth on their behalf, but if someone were to want to make an extra effort to make them exceedingly happy, there are a few things that they have mentioned.

Baron Baroness
His Excellency has an overwhelming appreciation of cookies of all sorts (as long as they do not contain raisins..) He also enjoys dark chocolate. However, he dislikes raisin, mushrooms and olives, but Her Excellency will gladly take his share of those! Her Excellency, as many know, is exceedingly fond of peacocks in all their gloriousness.
His Excellency humbly requests that his titles not be used in tandem and that he be referred to as simply Baron Aedan Aylwyn while serving in that capacity. She loves music in its many forms and encourages it whenever possible
He would also ask Her Excellency be announced first, as is right and proper. For example, “Aine and Aedan, Baroness and Baron of Caer Mear”. Foods that she particularly enjoys are milk chocolate, fruits of all kinds and..... well she just likes food in general.
She also requires coffee to ensure the safety and well-being of those in her immediate vicinity.
One of Her Excellency’s few dislikes is sitting alone, so she asks that the populace come visit and tell her of all your triumphs on the field or in your arts! She also thrilled to hear of the good works of others.

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