Baronial Award Nomination

Due to unforseen technical difficulties, the Award Form has been taken down for the time being. Please email Their Excellencies using the links below with any recommendations you may have.

For a description of these awards please see The Awards of Caer Mear on the Kingdom OP.

  • Umbonis Ferrei Ordo (UFO)
  • Order of La Bris de Mer
  • Order of the Pharos
  • Order of the Cornerstone
  • Baroness' Award of Courtesy
  • Baron's Award of Excellence
  • Order of Caer Mear
  • The Merlon of Caer Mear

    When emailing Their Excellencies, please include:

  • Nominee SCA Name
  • Nominee Legal Name (if known)
  • Age (Only required for minors.)
  • Gender

  • Why should this person receive this award?
  • Your SCA Name
  • Your Legal Name
  • Your email address

email: baron AT
email: baroness AT


email: baronage AT