Caer Mear Midsummer Faire
June 17, 2017

Site: Battery Park Christian Church. 4201 Brook Rd,
Richmond, VA 23227

Autocrat: Lady Ginevra Fiammetta di Silvestri

email: YouthChancellor AT

Facebook event page:

Ever wanted to experience all the fun of the Middle Ages, but with air conditioning, indoor plumbing, and a distinct lack of plague? Come join the Society for Creative Anachronism's, Barony of Caer Mear in celebrating Midsummer medieval style! We'll have tons of activities to see and try - all from before the 17th century!

Armored and Rapier Fighting demos: watch people in armor hit and stab each other with swords (and learn how you can too)!

Arts and Sciences demos: see people demonstrate different historical skills for artistic and practical purposes and try some yourself! Learn about calligraphy and illumination, thrown weapons, archery, Japanese cord-making, block printing, jewelry making, and more!

Gold Key Loaner Garb/Garb Diplay with Lady Eadyth Woderose (Rebecca May): Try on some clothing items (or "garb") from different times and places! Learn about what would have been worn by a Viking, a princess, a Roman, a knight, and more! Free loaner garb will be available for kids and adults to wear for the day! Or if you'd prefer, try your hand at putting together your own outfit:

Games led by Lady Damiana Morena (Danielle Willgruber): play some games for all ages from the Middle Ages - some will be new to you and some might be somewhat familiar!

Dancing and Music taught by Lady Jeane Kilmeny (Dominica Campbell): learn some authentic dances and songs you can do with a group!

The "Take-Some-Garb, Leave-Some-Garb" Free Garb Swap hosted by Niese Keppel (Denise Meredith): Have some old garb you don’t want anymore? Donate it to the swap! Just starting out and looking for some garb to wear to reenactment events? See if the swap has anything you like!

Classes: a few times throughout the day, classes will be offered to teach participants some of the cool things we do in the SCA! Learn how to spin with a drop spindle, how to make Japanese kumihimo cords, how to sing songs and dance the medieval way, what to do at SCA events, and more!

Lady Bronwen McFinlay Memorial Bead Competition sponsored by Dame Magda z Stalburg (Maggie Allen-Pruett): Attendees new and practiced, young and old are invited to participate in this competition for historical beadwork. Participants will be grouped into categories: Kids, Adults, Novice, and Experienced. Prizes will be awarded to the winners in each category. Documentation is not required but will earn you extra points! Visit for directions on documentation.

Fundraiser Feast cooked by Baron Wolfgang Moennich von Luppin (Moe Moyer): $5 will buy you a delicious and authentic lunch! Planned menu:

(menu subject to change)

Merchants coordinated by Lord Vytautas Vilkas (Arius V. Kaufmann): bring some spending money and shop for medieval goodies and supplies!


Planning to bring a minor for whom you are not their legal guardian? Please fill out and have this form notarized:

Check back - more activities to be added in the future!