May 26, 2017 - May 29, 2017

Event Registration

Postal Registration is open.


Cost Notes: There is just one fee whether you wish to day- trip or camp all weekend.

***Adult pre- registration is discounted to $17 for reservations postmarked by May 19th. For non-members, the pre- registration rate is $22.00. There is a $20 horse registration for the event. This fee is per owner/rider, not horse. (meaning regardless of if one person is bringing 1 or 2+ horses, there's still only one $20 horse registration fee) The family cap (Maximum of 2 adults at the same residence and their children) is $54.00 for members and $54.00 + the $5 non-member surcharge for each non-members.***


Tom Scott Park
8740 Otterburn Road
Amelia, VA 23002

Site Restrictions

Merchants Information

Merchanting Information: Please contact Lord Vytautas Vilkas (Arius V. Kaufmann) if you are interested in being a Merchant at the event this year.

Lady Olivia Isabelle (Ashley Powers),

Event Land & List Field Agent
Serapino Ferruccio (Chris Guzek)

Lady Drynnith (Jenny Luznicky), 1304 W. Clay St., Richmond, VA 23220, Phone: (703)850-4118 (texts preferred),

Marshal in Charge
Master Aedan Aylwyn (Mike Lonski)

Lady Ysabeau ferch Gwalchafed (Julia Sparks)

Please visit again soon as more information will be added as it becomes available. If you have any questions about the event, please contact